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Revitalize Any Hard Surface Without Replacing It

Surface Pros are at the vanguard of the surface restoration industry. Our cost-cutting, warranted process applies a smooth, safe and satisfying finish on old, worn surfaces, and renews integrity and function that is pleasing to the eye and endures standard wear for years.

Surface Pros approach and process to restoration is multi-faceted and applied with care and attention by personable technicians. We spend the extra time to do the job right. We use superior products that render a finish that is aesthetically multi-dimensional and yielding in durability.


Surface Pros can Recharge, Recreate, and Rejuvenate the Appearance of Surfaces in these Spaces:

 Kitchen Counter tops

Sinks & Vanities

Bathtubs & Surrounds



(laundry room, garage, basement)


Tile Walls & Floors

Bathtub Safety Step & Non-Slip


Warranty Included

Surface Pros customer service provides top notch consideration to the details that matter to you, the customer. We want you to remember the provisions we make to satisfy your requirements, and if we goof-- we will offer you complete satisfaction. Our warranty covers you 1-5 years.

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